Bienvenue! Welcome to the Guitar Boudoir. This project began as a funny way to document my favourite guitar, and then I tried it on another... and then I thought I was being reallllly funny. So then I started with the pedals. I shared a couple of the first shots with some friends, who promptly asked for some boudoir shots of their favourite squeezes as well. So that's where my models have been sourced from. 
Since before I started playing guitar, I liked how they looked. And then I touched an ancient Kay archtop that my Grandfather kept lying around the house, and it barked back at me from rusty strings that my little hands had no hope of pressing to the fretboard. The important part here is that the hook was set, and that my interest with guitars started because of its form, its' uniqueness amongst all other items in the rooms of my childhood. That guitar is long gone, sadly, but my love of guitars and their beautiful bodies endures!
So, without further articles to wade through... lets have a look at some of these curves!


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