I’ve named this collection “Organizations”. I’m interested in the seemingly chaotic ways that nature organizes itself. I’ve tried to capture some interesting examples here, from very micro-level ones, to big scary ones that are presenting themselves as a result of climate change.
Jet Trails
I learned from a Dutch friend that it's considered very unlucky to show a plane aimed towards the bottom of an image. I've never been much for rules... and I couldn't resist the leading line of the vapour trail here.
I tried to capture a sense of motion here. I'm a huge fan of Alex Colville, in terms of palettes and subjects. The way that he is able to show movement and momentum in his images of the everyday really draws me in; I hope that I'm able to do so here for you.
I usually try to walk the entire bike path below Parliament Hill during my lunches when there is no snow covering. The past 3 years there is also a blackout period due to flooding. This year there is significant damage to the path. The escarpment on the right is directly behind the Supreme Court of Canada.
These are usually covered in leaves and flowers, but on April 26th they were just waking up from winter hibernation; some of them are still grey and sleeping.
I walk through Dundonald Park nearly every day on my way to my day hustle. The trees there stretch out in very unique ways; some seasons they're creepy, others they're crowded.
Another shot of the canopy stretching out over Dundonald Park in Ottawa.
Another shot of the 2019 flooding in Downtown Ottawa. This log rolled back and forth with the waves and current; even though it was a hazy day the sun felt strong and reflected brightly.
This is the view from behind the Library and Archives Building on Wellington in Ottawa on April 29th, 2019. It took weeks for the water to recede this year; longer than any year previous in my memory.
I love the muted colours in the fields during early spring for contrast against the blue skies, and the brightly painted farm equipment. This farm is a 10 minute bike ride from my place, and the size of it gives great perspectives and negative spaces.
I'm a sucker for greens and blues and aqua colours. The trees behind the Supreme Court building deliver in spades.
The way the paint has faded on the post looked like the blue of the sky sneaking between the clouds to me. I captured this at a strange angle; it's an odd doorway to where you were when there is no net, and no humans playing soccer/football.
I live in a part of Ontario that is rich with all kinds of farming. Often I'll be snapping shots as I drive by; this image was taken at about 90km/h, and I think that the hydro pole is curving a little due to my speed at capture. These spaces give me a sense of how small I am as a single human.

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